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Client Rights and Privacy
Client’s Bill of Rights
  • Be treated with respect and dignity.
  • Have all personal and medical information kept confidential.
  • Have direction over the services provided, to the degree possible, within the service plan authorized.
  • Know the provider’s established grievance procedures and how to make a complaint about the service and receive cooperation to reach a resolution without fear of retribution.
Caring Hearts Policies
Caring Hearts screens all employee’s through the following:
  • Missouri Family Care Safety Registry
  • Missouri Employee Disqualification List
  • E-Verify (a Division of Homeland Security)
  • CNA Registry (if applicable)
  • Professional Registry for Nursing (if applicable)
Caring Hearts has established grievance policies as well as other policies to help ensure the safety and well being of our clients to the best of our ability.
Your Information Is Private
Caring Hearts Homecare understands the information it collects about clients and their health is personal.
Caring Hearts Homecare is required by state and federal law to protect health information from being improperly used or released.

A copy of our privacy policy is posted
at the Caring Hearts office in Dexter, MO.
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